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How Cool Is This?

February 8, 2009

While doing some Zesut searches recently I came across a photo of a vinyl record LP I’d heard about but never seen a copy of.  The album came out in 1979 and features my Grandmother Wanda Zesut Thibeault’s (daughter of Anthony Rzeszut) cousin Bob Zesut (son of Michael Rzeszut).  As a result I found a record seller online who is has copies of this and another Bob Zesut LP for $15.  I’m definitely going to have to order these at some point as we have a turntable setup at the house!  I assume that’s Bob with accordion.

Pacifically for You
Bob Zesut’s Polish Eagle Orchestra
RZ PEO 110

Incidentally I spoke to Bob once over a year ago when I first began my research.  As I recall his band was successful enough to tour the country several times.  As a music fan it’s pretty thrilling to me that my Grandmother had a cousin who had record albums out!