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Where Were They From?

December 28, 2007

To better understand the land our Rzeszut ancestors came from, here is a map of Galicia in what was then known as the Austrian Empire. This land would become Poland (again) in 1918. Click the thumbnail to download the larger image.

Galicia 1897

The town the Rzeszuts said they were from on their passenger manifests was Dąbrowica. This town does not appear on this map but is located in the area of Tarnobrzeg/Chmielow/Baranow. Looking at the pink portion of the map find the northernmost point. The northernmost town is Sobow. Just south of Sobow is Tarnobrzeg. Dąbrowica was about 7 miles SW of Tarnobrzeg.

To see Dąbrowica on a modern satellite map check it out HERE.

To learn more about Galicia you can read the Wikipedia article HERE.

Important cities/towns on this map other than Dąbrowica are Tarnobrzeg and Rzeszow. Tarnobrzeg appears on several Rzeszut vital records I’ve acquired and Rzeszow has anecdotally been cited as the place Kasper was born.