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1927: Party With The Zesuts!

April 2, 2008

Here’s an interesting little Zesut mention from the July 26, 1927 edition of the Hartford Courant:

Anthony & Michael Arrested

SOURCE: East Hartford, The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, July 26, 1927, page 6
Police Court
In Police Court Monday morning, Paul Werkderk of Glastonbury, Anthony J. Zesut of this town and his brother, Michael Zesut of Glastonbury were fined $10 each for breach of the peace.  The men were arrested Saturday night at the home of Zesut on High Street here where neighbors complained of a noisy party.
Prior to this article I had thought my Great Grandfather Anthony had moved straight from Glastonbury to Hartford. This residence in East Hartford is news to me. I’ll have to check the city directories during this time period to see if I can determine how long he lived there. At this point in his life he had been married for eleven years and had five daughters. Michael Zesut had been married for five years and had two boys at home. I can’t imagine this went over very well at home for either of them!

1921: Anthony Zesut Arrested For Selling Liquor

January 23, 2008

On November 10, 1921 my Great Grandfather Anthony Zesut, eldest son of Kasper and Anna, was arrested for selling alcohol which was illegal in the United States from 1920-1933.

Following is an article that appeared in the November 21, 1921 edition of The Hartford Courant. Anthony’s last name is misspelled Zesuit throughout.

Constable Eugene W. House arrested Anthony Zesuit on Saturday evening for selling liquor to Martin Millick. For the past three or four months, the Polish people have been purchasing liquor in the section around Grove street, and the officers have been trying to get proof of sales. Mrs. Millick complained to the Grand Juror that her husband purchased at two different times and paid him for it in her presence. Zesuit was charged with a reputation and also a sale. He was found guilty on each count, and was fined $50 on each count and also had to pay the costs of the court. James B. Henry was attorney for Zesuit. He appealed from the judgment and secured a bond of $200 for his appearance at the next term of the superior court.

Peter Spark was arraigned before Justice W.E. Gates Saturday evening on a charge of distilling liquor. Mr. Spark is stepfather of Anthony Zesuit who was found guilty of selling liquor. A search warrant was given to Constable House to search Spark’s premises from information given by a neighbor that liquor was being distilled in his house. The officers found about one quart of liquor. They found a coil of pipe such as is used in a still. The evidence was not sufficient to convict and the case was nulled.

Peter Spark, Anthony’s step-father is also implicated but was not found guilty in the manufacture of the alcohol. An interesting spin on this is the story I heard from Frank Zesut’s (Anthony’s younger brother) daughter Irene. Irene said that after Kasper died Anna made booze in her bathtub and sold it to the locals. The constable turned a blind eye to these activities as he felt sorry for her for being widowed with so many kids. This article paints a different picture as it pins the selling on Anthony and the distilling on Peter. Irene also said that the Mr. & Mrs. Millick ended up becoming friends with her parents several years later!

My Aunt Toni told me that my grandmother Wanda used to say her father Anthony was a “rascal”. Sure sounds like it!

I’m trying to find out if the Hartford Superior Court has a record of this case as it could contain an interview with Anthony which would be a fantastic find.

Here’s a scan of the actual article from The Courant.

Anthony Zesut Arrested
Source: Special to The Courant (1921, November 21). MRS. M. W. HODGE OF GLASTONBURY DIES :Zesuit Fined on Two Counts For Liquor Violation Appeals. The Hartford Courant (1887-1922),p. 16. Retrieved January 5, 2008, from ProQuest Historical Newspapers Hartford Courant (1764 – 1922) database. (Document ID: 751850792).

For information regarding the Prohibition of Liquor in the United States you can read the Wikipedia article on it here.