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Anna Rzeszut And Her Children Come To America

December 28, 2007

In a previous post I noted that Kasper Rzeszut came to the United States in 1907 and the rest of his family followed many months later. Up next is the Passenger Manifest for the S.S. Friedrich Wilhelm, the ship that Kasper’s wife Anna Kopec Rzeszut and their five children; Antoni, Julia, Josef, Michal and Franck came over on. The family left their home about 19 months after Kasper did. Anna and the kids appear on lines 18-23.

Click the below image to download a scan of the actual manifest.

Anna Rzeszut 1909 Passenger List

The Passenger List For Anna Rzeszut and Her Children

Source: Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957. National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, Roll 1277.

This manifest tells us:

  • Date Of Departure – May 22, 1909
  • Port Of Departure – Bremen, Germany
  • Date Of Arrival – May 31, 1909
  • Port Of Arrival – New York
  • Ship – S.S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm
  • Anna was 35 yrs old. Antoni 14, Julia 11, Josef 9, Michal, 7 and Franck 10 months old. *Anna must have gotten pregnant just prior to Kasper leaving for America in October of 1907.
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Occupation – Mother
  • Anna, Antoni and Julia were able to read and write.
  • Josef, Michal and Franck had not learned to read or write yet.
  • Name and address of nearest living relative from point of origin looks like “mother Enya Rzeszut in Dabrowica, Galicy” – this may have been Kasper’s mother. For the children just the word “grandmother” is given.
  • Final Destination was Hartford, Conn with Kasper Rzeszut as the person they were going to be with.
  • Nationality was Galicy.
  • Last Permanent Residence was Dąbrowica, Galicy.
  • Race was Polish
  • Fare was paid for by Kasper.
  • Looks like Anna had $20 and Antoni had $15.
  • Anna and Antoni were both 4’10” tall. Heights were not noted for the rest of the children.
  • They all had “fair” complexions.
  • Anna and Josef are listed as having grey eyes
  • Antoni, Julia and Franck had brown eyes.
  • Michal had blue eyes.
  • Hair color for all of them is listed as being “Bld” which I imagine means Blonde.
  • Country of birth for all of them is Galicia.
  • Town of birth for Anna, Antoni and difficult to make out – looks like the last five letters are eneca. I haven’t found anything on the maps I’ve seen that I’d consider a match. The immigration official may have completely misinterpreted what they were saying.

S.S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm

S.S. Prinz Friedrich Wilhelm


Kasper Rzeszut Comes To America

December 27, 2007

Over 100 years ago, 37 year old Kasper Rzeszut left his home in the town of Dąbrowica in the district of Tarnobrzeg in the province of Galicia in The Austrian Empire and ventured off to America. Temporarily left behind were his wife Anna (Kopec) and their five children Antoni, Julia, Josef, Michal, and Franck who would join Kasper in the U.S. nearly 18 months later.

Kasper arrived in the United States on November 6, 1907 in the Port Of New York and was processed by immigration officals at Ellis Island.

The Passenger Manifest for the ship Kasper was on gives us the following information:

  • Date Of Departure – October 26, 1907
  • Date Of Arrival at The Port Of New York – November 6, 1907
  • Port Of Departure – Bremen, Germany
  • Ship – S.S. Trave
  • Name – Kasper Rzeszut
  • Age – 37
  • Sex – Male
  • Marital Status – Married
  • Occupation – Farm Laborer
  • Able to Read – No
  • Able to Write – No
  • Name and Address of Nearest Relative In Country of Origin – *Difficult to read but looks like Anna Rzeszut – Dąbrowica
  • Final Destination – *Difficult to decipher*
  • Kasper paid the fare himself and had $20 with him.
  • He had never been to the United States before.
  • Unfortunately the name and address of who he was going to stay with is not legible enough for me to decipher. It looks like it may have been an uncle.
  • He was 5’10” with brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Kasper was not a Polygamist nor an Anarchist.
  • His country of birth was Galicy and his town of birth was Dąbrowica.

Interestingly enough, line 26 details a passenger named Thomas Kopec – also from Dąbrowica. Kopec was Kasper’s wife Anna’s maiden name. Could this be her brother? More on this in a future post.

So are we all Polish? Austrian? Galician? It’s confusing. At the time our Rzeszut ancestor’s came to the U.S. they were from the province Galicia in the Austrian Empire. This region did not revert back to Poland until after World War I. On early documents the Rzeszuts said they were from Austria, Poland or Austria-Poland. Take your pick!

Click on the following thumbnail to download the 1907 manifest with Kasper’s information on it. Kasper’s info appears on line 24.

Kasper Rzeszut 1907 Ship’s Passenger List

The Passenger List For Kasper Rzeszut

Source: Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passenger and Crew Lists of Vessels Arriving at New York, New York, 1897-1957. National Archives Microfilm Publication T715, Roll 1034.


1907 S.S. Trave

S.S. Trave