How Cool Is This?

While doing some Zesut searches recently I came across a photo of a vinyl record LP I’d heard about but never seen a copy of.  The album came out in 1979 and features my Grandmother Wanda Zesut Thibeault’s (daughter of Anthony Rzeszut) cousin Bob Zesut (son of Michael Rzeszut).  As a result I found a record seller online who is has copies of this and another Bob Zesut LP for $15.  I’m definitely going to have to order these at some point as we have a turntable setup at the house!  I assume that’s Bob with accordion.

Pacifically for You
Bob Zesut’s Polish Eagle Orchestra
RZ PEO 110

Incidentally I spoke to Bob once over a year ago when I first began my research.  As I recall his band was successful enough to tour the country several times.  As a music fan it’s pretty thrilling to me that my Grandmother had a cousin who had record albums out!


4 Responses to “How Cool Is This?”

  1. Lenora Thibeault Says:

    Elliot, thanks for the update. It was nice to log onto my email and see Anna and Kasper there. Hopefully, Anna Rzeszut will be another lead. Love the photo of the album cover.

  2. Emily Says:

    That’s so cool. Chloe has been nagging us to get her an accordian, maybe now we’ll reconsider!

  3. Lynda zesut Glarner Says:

    That photo is of my father Robert. Yes, he is the one with the accordian. That was his second album I believe, I will check with him, he probably has extra copies at home and would send you one if you would like. He used to play in resturants and other venue’s around southern calif. He also has been very involved with some of the annual Polish Festivals in the chicago area, and played there as well. He had his picture made with Bobby Vinton at one!
    He has not played the accordian for a long time, but he takes great care of the many he owns. I think he is frustrated that no one in our immediate family has any interest in learning to play.
    Thank you for your hard work on searching the Rzeszut ancestors, I don’t have alot of information, but I know there is a cassette tape of my late grandmother Josephine zesut (who was married to Michael) and that should have some interesting details. I have not heard it in it’s entirity, but I will ask my father to let me listen to it again and will share with you anything of interest. (It was recorded shortly before her death, and was sort of a story of her life, in her words of how she came to America)

  4. ejwrann Says:

    Hi Lynda,

    Good to hear from you! Thanks for the compliments!

    Your dad mentioned the cassette to me. What an heirloom!


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