1927: Party With The Zesuts!

Here’s an interesting little Zesut mention from the July 26, 1927 edition of the Hartford Courant:

Anthony & Michael Arrested

SOURCE: East Hartford, The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, July 26, 1927, page 6
Police Court
In Police Court Monday morning, Paul Werkderk of Glastonbury, Anthony J. Zesut of this town and his brother, Michael Zesut of Glastonbury were fined $10 each for breach of the peace.  The men were arrested Saturday night at the home of Zesut on High Street here where neighbors complained of a noisy party.
Prior to this article I had thought my Great Grandfather Anthony had moved straight from Glastonbury to Hartford. This residence in East Hartford is news to me. I’ll have to check the city directories during this time period to see if I can determine how long he lived there. At this point in his life he had been married for eleven years and had five daughters. Michael Zesut had been married for five years and had two boys at home. I can’t imagine this went over very well at home for either of them!

2 Responses to “1927: Party With The Zesuts!”

  1. Carol Thibeault Says:

    Party On! Can’t wait to hear what Anthony was doing in East Hartford!

  2. Toni (Zesut-Thibeault) Barrett Says:

    Hi, They really liked to get in trouble it seems. Oh, well, at least they weren’t boring. They were all still pretty young so I can see where they might like to party and have a good time even if it meant being arrested. Maybe they were kicked out of Poland.

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