KasperandAnna Blog Mentioned In Gen Dobry!

This blog was favorably mentioned in the March 31, 2008 issue of the Polishroots.org Email Newsletter Gen Dobry! It’s an honor to be mentioned in a fine resource which I’ve enjoyed in the past. You can check it out by clicking HERE. From that page click the link to the archives and view the .pdf for the March 2008 edition.


3 Responses to “KasperandAnna Blog Mentioned In Gen Dobry!”

  1. Carol Thibeault Says:

    Congrats on the mention in Gen Dobry! They are correct — this IS a cool website! You’re amazing and I’m not the only one who thinks so!

  2. Flora Romeo Stoneberg Says:

    I am so excited for you! Hopefully, the more people who see and read your blog, the more chances you (and all of us) will have to discover more of our roots. You are doing such a wonderful job…kudos!

  3. Lenora Thibeault Says:

    Elliot, congratulations! You deserve every “pat on the back.” You are doing such incredible work with this. I check my email every day to see if there’s anything new from Kasper and Anna. Thank you.

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