This morning I received an unexpected email. The writer was a 22 year old Economic Science major in Warsaw, Poland who had just recently stumbled upon this blog. Her name is Ania and her mother’s maiden name is Rzeszut. Ania went on to say she believes we may be related because her mother’s Rzeszut family is from Dąbrowica. The amazing thing is that she called her grandmother and asked if she knew of a Kasper Rzeszut. Sure enough – her grandmother recalled that her deceased husband’s grandfather’s brother was a Kasper Rzeszut who had emigrated to the United States! So *if* the Kasper she mentioned is the Kasper Rzeszut that many of us reading this site are descended from then her Great Great Grandfather was Kasper’s brother. This would make she and I Fourth Cousins.

We exchanged several emails today and she is very familiar with Dąbrowica and will be visiting family there this Saturday. She’s going to try to access the parish records to look for records that will prove the family connection. She will also be speaking to her grandfather’s brother Antoni Rzeszut who may be Kasper’s Grand Nephew.

While it may turn out we are not related there are two factors that make this seem like a pretty good match

1. Her Rzeszut ancestors are from Dąbrowica. The same place Kasper and Anna and their children were from.

2. Her grandmother recalls hearing of a Kasper Rzeszut who emigrated to the US. Through all of my research I have yet to come across another Kasper Rzeszut who came to the US.

For now I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Anna is able to find information connecting our family to hers. This could get VERY interesting!

P.S. – It’s been ages since I last updated this site. I haven’t’ stopped the research – I’ve been throwing all of my time into parish records from the town Anthony Zesut’s wife Victoria Puscizna was from. There will be extensive information posted concerning the Pusciznas very soon!


2 Responses to “Rodzina??????”

  1. Toni Says:

    Hi Elliot, Have you recieved any new news from Ania. It would be really great if we were to see some photos of the town of Dabrowica. I wonder if there is a chance Ania would be willing to send us some. Maybe the church where everyone was baptised and/or married. I am glad Ania has found this blog. Welcome Ania. Aunt Toni

  2. wrannej Says:

    Hi Toni,

    Nothing new from Ania. I’ll send her an email and see if they’ve been able to make in progress in the records hunt.


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