1924: Joseph Zesut’s Death Reported In The Hartford Courant

Well…sort of…I guess. Clearly one of the more laughable errors in the Hartford Courant’s history. This one leads me to believe that “reporting” in the 1920’s was based on word of mouth from the town gossips.

Joseph Zesut January 30, 1924 Hartford Courant

SOURCE: Glastonbury, The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT, January 30, 1924, page 4


Former Glastonbury Man Killed By Train

(Special To The Courant)

Glastonbury, January 29.

Word was received here this afternoon from Dr. Teler, coroner of Rome, NY that Tony Zesuit, formerly of this town, was killed on the railroad track at Rome this afternoon. Dr. Teler telephoned the family here for instructions, but Mr. Zesuit had recently moved his wife and four children to Hartford.

After reading my earlier post about Joseph’s death it’s apparent this report has confused Anthony with Joseph. I wonder how many people were shocked to see Anthony show up at work after being reported dead…

While Anthony (aka Tony) had moved with his family to Hartford from Glastonbury it was his younger brother Joseph who was killed in Rome, NY.


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