1922: Michael Zesut Marries Josephine Zabkowski

On September 25, 1922 – 6 years to the day his older brother got married – Michael Zesut married Josephine Zabkowski.

I found Michael and Josephine’s marriage certificate at the Glastonbury Town Hall and transcribed the information on it.

State Of Connecticut Bureau Of Vital Statistics

License #365

Marriage License

Town Of Glastonbury

  • Groom’s Name:Michael Anthony Zesut
  • Age:20
  • Color: White
  • Occupation: Mill Hand
  • Birthplace – Town: blank Country: Poland-Austria
  • His Residence: Glastonbury
  • Single, Widowed or Divorced?: Single
  • 2d or 3d Marriage: First
  • Name Of Father:Caspar Zesut
  • Maiden Name Of Mother: Anna Kopec
  • Bride’s Name:Josephine Zabkowski
  • Age: 20
  • Color: White
  • Occupation: Housekeeper
  • Birthplace – Town: blank Country: Poland-Austria
  • Her Residence: Glastonbury
  • Single, Widowed or Divorced?: Single
  • 2d or 3d Marriage: First
  • Name Of Father: John Zabkowski
  • Maiden Name Of Mother: Eva Chichastepka

The certificate is signed by clergyman D.L. Baker; the same person who married Julia Zesut and John Pendrok and Anthony Zesut and Victoria Puscizna and ind years prior and indicates the marriage ceremony took place on September 25, 1922 in Glastonbury. The license was applied for on September 21, 1922.

Michael and Josephine would go on to have three sons; Walter, John, and Robert. Walter would be tragically killed in action in WWII and Robert would go on to have several children of his own.

Copies of CT marriage Licenses are open to the public and a copy of Michael and Josephine’s can be ordered from the Glastonbury Town Hall. The order form for a copy can be reached through here.

Michael & Josehine Zesut Wedding Photo 19220925
Source: Michael and Josephine Zesut’s Wedding Photo. Photographer Unknown. September 25, 1922. From the Bob Zesut Collection. Digital scan of original photograph. Received via email February 2008.
BACK ROW: Unknown Female, Unknown Male, Victoria Puscizna Zesut, Sophie Zesut, Anthony Zesut, Julia Zesut Pendrok, John Pendrok
FRONT ROW: Mary Zesut (?), Unknown Male, Josephine Zabkowski Zesut, Michael Zesut, Unknown Female, Joseph Pendrok, Jessie Pendrok
    After a lengthy separation, Michael and Josephine would eventually divorce in 1951.

    2 Responses to “1922: Michael Zesut Marries Josephine Zabkowski”

    1. Toni (Zesut-Thibeault) Barrett Says:

      Hi Elliot,
      I find it very interesting that all the Zesuts married people from Austria-Poland. That whole area in Glastonbury must have been like a little Polish Village. I wonder if they would have all found each other if they had stayed in Poland and not come to the U.S.

      I was looking through my search option and a site for US air force accidents came up and listed a Walter J. Zesut. I couldn’t bring up more information but it is available. Could that be the Walter that was Mike and Josephine’s son?

    2. wrannej Says:

      Yes – that Walter is Michael and Josephine’s son. There might be a file on him at the CT State Library (haven’t gotten to it yet). When he was killed in combat it was mentioned several times in the Hartford Courant. He’s interred at St. Augustine Cemetery in Glastonbury, CT.

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