Joseph and Anthony Zesut’s Probate Records

Several weeks ago when I requested to view my Great Great Grandfather Kasper Rzeszut’s Probate Packet at the CT State Library I also requested packets for my Great Grandfather Anthony and his brother Joseph. Joseph died in 1924 and Anthony died in 1929.

Based on land transaction records at the Glastonbury Town Hall I know for a fact that Joseph’s estate went to Probate as I’ve viewed old handwritten copies of the original documents there. When I had requested Joseph’s and Anthony’s records I asked for Joseph and Anthony Zesut and not Rzeszut because at the time of their respective deaths they had been known as Zesut and not Rzeszut. When Kasper’s documents came in the archivists told me they couldn’t find anything under Zesut. Last week I reviewed the documents from Glastonbury and noticed that Joseph’s paperwork said “Joseph Zesut, alias, deceased”. The alias meaning Zesut was an alias for Rzeszut. With that in mind on Saturday I requested they look for Probate documents pertaining to Joseph and Anthony Rzeszut instead of Zesut. I expect to find out on Monday if they’ve been able to locate the documents.

I’m not expecting much from Joseph’s records as he was young and probably only owned the land he had received from his father Kasper’s estate. I’m VERY curious to see if Anthony’s estate went to Probate. I have suspicions it didn’t because in the 1980’s his heirs received a small sum of money from the sale of a piece of land he had owned that had been forgotten about. I can’t imagine the courts missing that. If they did and there are documents relating to Anthony I will be happy to have found more documents about my Great Grandfather.

Then again…they may still find nothing…we’ll see.


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