Surfaced! Anthony and Victoria Zesut’s Wedding Photo!

I was very excited today to receive an email with a scan of my Great-Grandparents Wedding photo taken in 1916! The photograph comes from Anthony and Victoria’s granddaughter Michele (Dion) Mandell  and was scanned by her son Jonathan. I wasn’t sure a wedding photo existed and this is the first time myself and many other relatives have seen a photo of Anthony. I’ve also never seen a photo of Victoria Puscizna of this vintage. Really an amazing surprise today.  Anthony was the oldest son of Kasper and Anna and the brother of Julia (married name Pendrok), Joseph, Michael, Frank, William, and Mary(married name Kayross) Zesut. Many thanks to Michele and Jon for sharing this! Click on the below picture to view larger image.

Anthony Zesut & Victoria Puscizna Wedding Photo 09251916 
Source: Anthony and Victoria Zesut Wedding Photo.  Photographer Unknown.  September 25, 1916. From the Michele Mandell Collection.  Digital scan of original photograph.  Scanned by Jon Mandell.  Received via email January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Surfaced! Anthony and Victoria Zesut’s Wedding Photo!”

  1. William(Bill)Gerich Says:

    Thank You Elliot. I have never seen a photo of my Grandfather and namesake (middle name). I am deeply touched. Now I know where I got my “baby face” from.

    I can also see my mother, Sophie Zesut, very clearly in the young Victoria’s face.

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Carol Thibeault Says:

    I never expected to EVER see a photo of my grandfather, let alone a wedding photo of my grandparents! How absolutely amazing! I hope there are more where this one came from.

  3. Flora Romeo Stoneberg Says:

    It is indeed amazing to see this photo of Victoria as a young woman, and see her resemblance to her sister, my grandmother Anna. And to think, this time last year, I never even knew of her existence. Elliot has a photo of Anna, and may be planning a bit on her, so I won’t post it here and ruin the fun. Speaking of family resemblances, Carol, it is uncanny at how much you resemble my cousin Judy (Stephanie’s daughter from Anna). At least from your photo on your website!

    This makes me want to get all my old photos out again and see what I can find now that I am “getting to know” my ancestors!

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