Julia Zesut At The Soap Factory

In an earlier post detailing the 1910 Glastonbury Census I noted that 16 year-old Julia Zesut was employed at a Soap Factory. I wasn’t sure what soap factory it was but recently looked at a document forwarded to me by Bill Gerich (Sophie Zesut Gerich’s son, Kasper and Anna’s Great-Grandson). The documents covered some Zesut family history and was written by Irene Zesut Pardo (Frank Zesut’s daughter, Kasper and Anna’s granddaughter) and actually mentioned that Julia had worked at the J.B. Williams Soap Company in Glastonbury. Following is a scan of a J.B. Williams Soap advertisement that I found on Ebay.

J.B. Williams Soap Ad Circa 1902

J.B. Williams Soap Ad 1902

SOURCE: 1902 J.B. Williams Company Print Ad – Digital photo of original ad auctioned by San Diego Treasures, Auction#110062469843, http://www.ebay.com, accessed 1/1/2008.


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