1913: The Birth Of Mary Jessie Zesut

The seventh and last child born to Kasper and Anna Rzeszut was Mary Jessie Zesut. My Great Grandfather Anthony was her oldest brother and was 18 years older than her. Quite an age gap! Mary’s first niece (Frederica “Freda” Zesut) was born just four years later. In addition to Anthony, Mary’s siblings were Julia, Joseph, Michael, Frank, and William Zesut.

I found her birth record at the Glastonbury Town Hall. The information on it is as follows:

  • Name Of Child: Mary Jessie Zesut
  • Sex:Female
  • Place Of Birth – Town: Glastonbury – No. blank
  • Date Of Birth: April 26, 1913
  • Full Name Of Father: Caspar Jesuit Zesut (yes, the last name is misspelled Jesuit and re-written.)
  • Age Of Father: 44 Years
  • Color Of Father: White
  • Residence Of Father – Town: Glastonbury – State Or Country: Conn
  • Birthplace Of Father – Town: Turnobitz – State or Country: Poland
  • Occupation Of Father: Laborer
  • Maiden Name Of Mother: Annie Kopitch
  • Age Of Mother: 40 Years
  • Color Of Mother: White
  • Residence Of Mother – Town: Glastonbury – State Or County: Conn
  • Birthplace Of Mother – Town: Turnobitz – State or Country: Poland
  • Number Of Child Of Mother: 7 – No. Living:7
  • Remarks: blank

The birth record was certified on May 7, 1913 by the attending physician Charles Rankin, who was also a resident of Glastonbury and delivered William Zesut three years earlier.

A few observations:

  • Kasper’s name is misspelled on this as it was on William’s certificate in 1910.
  • Kasper and Annie’s hometown is listed as being Turnobitz. This is a misinterpretation of Tarnobrzeg which would sound something like Tar-knob-jeck.
  • Annie’s last name is misspelled Kopitch.
  • Annie’s age on the certificate is 40. The same age she was when she gave birth to William…three years earlier!

The most genealogically significant item on this certificate is the name of Kasper and Anna’s birthplace. The Ellis Island records listed Dąbrowica as their place of birth but there are several Dąbrowica’s in Poland. There is a Dąbrowica seven miles south of Tarnobrzeg in Poland. Additionally, Tarnobrzeg is the city that governed Dąbrowica. This info will help when I try to hunt down older Rzeszut records from Poland.

Mary would end up marrying Albert Kayross and as a result they’d have children and grandchildren of their own.

If any of Mary’s descendants are interested in obtaining a certified copy of the actual birth certificate you can order one through the office of the Glastonbury Town Clerk by clicking HERE.


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