1910: The Birth Of William Joseph Zesut

William Joseph Zesut was the first America-born Zesut after Kasper, Anna, and the children came to the U.S in 1907 and 1909. He was the son of Kasper and Anna Rzeszut and the brother of Anthony, Julia, Joseph, Michael, Frank and (later) Mary.

Because I am a member of “The Friends Of The Godfrey Library” , a genealogy library located in Middletown, CT, I am allowed to go to town halls in CT and have access to their vital records vaults enabling me to peruse the records myself. I recently went to the Glastonbury Town Hall to explore the Rzeszut/Zesut records. Quite a lot there!

The birth, death and marriage certificates are all bound in large volumes by year and then by certificate number. The vault in Glastonbury is VERY well organized and neat so finding records was quick and easy (I’ll tell you sometime about the difficulties researching my paternal lineage in New York City).

As I begun taking digital photograph’s of the vital records I found I was told by the Town Clerk that I was NOT allowed to have a camera in the fault. Any copies of vital records would have to be purchased for $10 each. Oops.

I did transcribe the information I found.

William’s birth record contains the following fields and the information that was filled in is as follows:

  • Name Of Child: blank
  • Sex: Male
  • Place Of Birth – Town: Glastonbury – No. Naubuc Street
  • Date Of Birth: March 28, 1910
  • Full Name Of Father: Casper Zesut
  • Age Of Father: 39 Years
  • Color Of Father: White
  • Residence Of Father – Town: Glastonbury – State Or Country: Conn
  • Birthplace Of Father – Town: blankState or Country: Poland
  • Occupation Of Father: Laborer in paper mill
  • Maiden Name Of Mother: Annie Kopax
  • Age Of Mother: 40 Years
  • Color Of Mother: White
  • Residence Of Mother – Town: Glastonbury – State Or County: Conn
  • Birthplace Of Mother – Town: blank – State or Country: Poland
  • Number Of Child Of Mother: 6 – No. Living: 6
  • Remarks: blank

The birth record was certified on April 6, 1910 by the attending physician Charles Rankin, who was also a resident of Glastonbury.

A few observations:

  • There are a number of misspellings and inaccuracies on this record. The physician, Charles Rankin would end up delivering many more Zesut babies. His accuracy would improve over the course of several years.
  • I’m wondering if the lack of essential info (birthplace of parents) was due to a language barrier. Per the 1910 census the Zesuts didn’t speak English yet.
  • William was not named until at least a week after he was born. This seemed to be common on a lot of the birth records I viewed from that era. Either the name was left blank or it was penciled in later on (usually by someone at the Town Hall).

If any of William’s descendants are interested in obtaining a certified copy of the actual birth certificate you can order one through the office of the Glastonbury Town Clerk by clicking HERE.

Incidentally, William was born 15 years after his oldest brother (and my great-grandfather) Anthony and has grandchildren who are roughly my age and living in CT. These would be my mother’s second cousins and my second cousins once removed.

If anyone has any photographs of William Sr. I’d love to get copies as one of my goals for this site is to post photos of Kasper & Anna’s children.


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